2018 IVF World Club Championships, Tahiti – New Zealand Club Qualification Process

2018 IVF World Club Championships, Tahiti – New Zealand Club Qualification Process is as follows:

Quota = 6 Teams per division 

Senior Master
Golden Master
Master 70

(W12 for each above Division, Quota = 3 teams per division )

·            Online Intent process is now open for clubs to submit their intent to trial to participate at the 2018 IVF World Club Championships.

·             The intent process will require the club to register a team and category/ies. No paddler names will be required for this registration of intent.  
- Please note that the name of the team needs to be the same team name that they use when they enter the Sprint Nationals in 2018. 
The intent form is attached to this panui. 

·            The intent must be accompanied by the Entry Fee to the World Club Championships ($140 per paddler/$840 per team) This fee is only refundable if there are more than 6 teams that register intent and your team does not qualify. If the team qualifies, then this amount will be used as their Entry Fee to the IVF.

·              Intent and fee due by 30th October 2017

·            If there are fewer than six (6) teams W6 and three (3) teams W12 that register intent, then those club teams that register intent are confirmed as the teams in that category/event that will compete in the 2018 World Club Championships.

·            Intents must be registered and signed off by clubs, not by individual teams.

·            If there are more than six (6) teams W6 and three (3) teams W12 that register intent, then the final of that event at the 2018 New Zealand National Waka Ama Sprints will the first step in determining the six (6) teams that will fill the quota.

·           The first six (6) teams & three (3) teams W12 across the line will qualify their club for the option to fill the quota. If the quota is not filled then the next fastest qualifiers down to semi-finals will be given the option. A club will have the option to fill as many quota spots as they choose, relevant to how many teams they have in the top six (6) W6 or top three (3) W12. 

·           Teams must qualify in both 500m, 1000 /1500 W6, W12 and turns races separately. (So it is possible that a club may choose to go to the World Club Championships to do one event only).

·            After teams have qualified, the club has until 30 January 2018 to confirm that they are taking up the spot.

·            After 30 January 2018, should a club choose not to take up their spot, then it will be offered to the team that came next in that final event

·             The next team/s in that event have until 5 February 2018 to take up the vacant spot.

·            After 5 February 2018, if the vacant spot is not taken up, then it will be offered to a team in another event that may not have qualified in this event (e.g. if a team qualifies in the 500m and not in the 1500m)

·            Club qualifies a waka, not the people in it. – So the paddlers can change but must still be on their club’s member roster

·            Clubs will need to sign off that all paddlers are members of that club by the deadline time for entries to the world championships.

·            Teams will be representing their Club as part of the New Zealand contingent and should wear their Club Uniform to compete at the World Championship 

·            Clubs will arrange all travel and accommodation arrangements for representative teams.. Waka Ama New Zealand will manage entries only.


·       As per IVF Rules only three (3) Elite team paddlers can paddle in any one club team W6 and six (6) Elite team paddlers can paddle in any one club team W12. The Club would need to EITHER source three (3) other paddlers for their team (six (6) for W12) OR decline the spot at the World Club Championships.

·      The V1 events will happen throughout the week. The New Zealand Quota will be filled from results of finals at the Waka Ama Sprint Nationals 2018. 
Paddlers will only be able to qualify in 1 age category for V1

Should you have any questions please contact admin@wakaama.co.nz 

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Updated: Sep 08, 2017
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