Covid Alert Level 3


·       If you feel sick at all – please stay home

·       If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 even a runny nose, please get a test and then stay home until you get the results back.

·       People at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 (e.g. those with underlying medical conditions, especially if not well-controlled, and seniors) are encouraged to take additional precautions when leaving home.

·       If you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms of COVID-19 please stay home – do not paddle.


Alert Level 3

Alert Level 3 currently does not apply to any regions. Please refer to the government website for more information.

Covid-19 Government Information - Alert Level 3

Sport NZ Covid Information - Alert Level 3


Waka Ama Activity at Alert Level 3

NO W3, W4, W6 & W12 during Alert Level 3 for the following reasons:

·       to keep our whānau safe

·       reduce the use of shared equipment/Waka

·       ensure there is no congregating of our waka whānau

·       the Government guidelines for outdoor recreation state - you must maintain 2-metre physical distancing - which is not possible on a W3, W4, W6 & W12

·       and reducing the risk of putting any pressure on local emergency services


You may participate in W1 & W2 under the requirements that follow.



·       Must be kept alone or in your bubble only

·       No congregating in any groups that are outside your bubble

·       Can only be on W1's or W2's (OC1 or W2 with Rudder or V1 Rudderless)

·       No W3, W4, W6 or W12

·       W2 is only allowed when you paddle with someone in your existing bubble

·       If you have not paddled a W1 before or you are not a confident W1 paddler then you should not be paddling during level 3

·       Any paddling in W1 or W2 MUST be kept close to shore (No more than 200 meters offshore at any point)

·       You should only use your own canoe and equipment (unless you are sharing with someone in your bubble). Shared equipment, like club waka, should not be used as they carry the risk of spreading infection.

Adhere to Health & Safety precautions:

·       Life jacket/PFD

·       Two forms of communication

·       Spare paddle

·       Leg leash

·       Tell someone you are going paddling and when you are likely to be back

·       If you are paddling in the evening make sure you have a light that is visible 1 meter high and 360 degrees.

·       Please consider the weather conditions before paddling. Check the tide & check the wind conditions. Do not paddle in weather conditions eg; strong wind /large swell, which is beyond your capability. You do not want to put yourself at any risk of requiring rescue at any time. 

·       Be extra careful about driving with your canoe on your car and because you may be by yourself, be careful carrying your waka to and from the water. Avoid any unnecessary injuries at this time.

·       Stay local – you cannot drive outside of your regional area to paddle at this time.

·       Please make sure you clean/disinfect your waka and equipment if there is any chance that someone outside of your bubble will come into contact with it.

·       Please keep track of where you have been

Waka Ama Events:

No Waka Ama NZ sanctioned events will be permitted to take place during Alert Level 3.


Important links:

NZ Ministry of Health Unite Against Covid-19 website

Alert Level Information and Updates

Sport NZ Covid Information and Updates (Sport & Recreation)


Waka Ama New Zealand are happy to answer any questions. Contact

If you have any direct concerns regarding COVID-19, you can call the dedicated Healthline for free on 08003585453 (or +64 9 358 5453 if you’re using an international SIMS)

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Updated: Nov 12, 2021
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