Pili Muaulu

Another of our sports founders, Pili , originally from Samoa, moved to live in Ngunguru in the 1980’s and happened to meet  Kris Kjeldsen. They shared a passion for the environment and a love for canoeing and the ocean.  Kris assisted Pili and his family to carve a Samoan Pao-Pao (a small traditional two person fishing canoe.)  It was the first Samoan Pao-Pao to be built in Aotearoa.

Pili joined forces with Matahi and Kris to drive the bid for the 1990 World Sprints, and he worked very hard to secure the funding required to make the event and the building of the fleet of canoes happen.  Pili formed the Mitamitaga o le Pasefika Vaa' Alo Club in Ngunguru and he, Kris and Matahi really instigated the sport’s humble beginnings. Pili proved to be a great mediator and organiser, and his skills in forming lasting relationships really rounded out the trio’s skill set.

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

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