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1st October 2020 - 30 September 2021

Clubs are required to have a minimum of 15 affiliated paddlers on their club register and be affiliated to their Region to be recognised as an affiliated club of Ngā Kaihoe O Aotearoa (Waka Ama NZ) Inc.

National Paddler Affiliation Fees

The national paddler affiliation fees for the current season are set at:
$15 per Open/Senior (20 years and over as at 1 October)
$12 per Junior (14 to 19 years as at 1 October)
$5 per Taitamariki/Intermediate (13 years and under as at 1 October)

Who is required to pay National Paddler Affiliation Fees?

Anyone who is a member of a Waka Ama Club, whether or not you are a competitive or ‘social’ paddler or both, must pay the fee through your club.
* International paddlers who are not members of New Zealand clubs

How will we collect the fees?

An invoice will be sent to each club by Waka Ama NZ Inc.
All clubs will collect the affiliation fees on behalf of the paddlers and make their payment to Waka Ama NZ Inc.

We recommend that clubs build the national paddler affiliation fee into the clubs’ membership fees. Club representatives are responsible for administering club members’ payments.

Each club and region may charge their own affiliation fee in addition to the Waka Ama NZ national affiliation fee.
Therefore paddlers’ annual fees, payable to their club, may be made up of:

  • Waka Ama NZ national affiliation fee
  • Any club/region subscription fee

Billing Cycle

Invoices will be issued on the 1st of each month for the previous month and are due 20 days from date of invoice.

The invoices will show any new paddlers that have joined clubs in that month and who have been affiliated since the previous billing cycle. These new paddlers must be added to the clubs’ online register of paddlers.

Member’s monthly prize draw

Each affiliated club member is automatically entered into the monthly draw using their ID Card Number with the opportunity to win prizes donated by our Equipment Suppliers. The winners are notified through their club and on the website.


 Questions and Answers

Q. How often do I pay the affiliation fee?
A. It is an annual fee for the current season running 1 October - 30 September.

Q. What about ID Cards?
A. Paddler ID cards are a separate one-off cost and are not included in the paddler affiliation fee. ID Cards will follow the same monthly Billing Cycle as above.

Q. What if I belong to more than one club?
A. You will only need to pay one national affiliation fee, no matter how many clubs you belong to.  

Q. Can I race for more than one club?
A. Yes, but you may only paddle for one club at an event.

Q. What if I join part way through the season?
 A. People who join after the start of the season will still need to pay the full season fee, and clubs will be invoiced in the following monthly billing cycle.

Q. Do I have to be affiliated to enter Sanctioned Events?
A. Yes, a Level 1 or Level 2 Sanctioned Event requires all paddlers to be affiliated. There may be exceptions for non-affiliated classes and/or overseas competitors. This will be at the discretion of Waka Ama NZ and the event organisers at the time of race sanctioning.

Q. How can I check if I am affiliated?

Q. Who can affiliate me?
A. The appointed Club Representative(s) with their login code.

Should you have any further questions please contact


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