National Sprint Title Holders through the years

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Ever wondered who are the teams, clubs and individuals who have won the Waka Ama Sprint Nationals before? What their times were? How many times your club has won an event? Which regions have been strong in which events? Who are the teams to watch this year? Who are the individuals that have won W1 titles? Well..... we have spent much time gathering historic results and putting them all together so that we have a record of National Title Holders to date. 

The  spreadsheet has 3 tabs:

W6 500m Title holders
W6 turns Title holders
W1 500m Title holders

CLICK HERE: National Sprint Title Holders

There are a few years results that we do not yet have - all of the results we have to date are attached below:

  • 1990
  • 2003-2016

If you have a copy of the results that we are missing, or you know who was a Champion in a year that we are missing, please let us know by emailing

This historic record took much time to put together and we are delighted that we now have all this information recorded in one please for future generations to refer to.
It will be updated annually from now on.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  1. 1990 Waka Ama Nats Results.pdf
    157 kB
  2. 2003 Sprint Nats Final Results.pdf
    740 kB
  3. Finals_Results_2004_All_Days.pdf
    35 kB
  4. Race Results All days 2005.pdf
    163 kB
  5. Race_Results_All_Days 2006.pdf
    232 kB
  6. Race_Results_All_Days 2007.pdf
    338 kB
  7. Race_Results_All_Days 2008.pdf
    353 kB
  8. Race_Results_All_Days 2009.pdf
    444 kB
  9. Race_Results_All_Days 2010.pdf
    334 kB
  10. Race_Results_All_Days 2011.pdf
    337 kB
  11. Race Results 2012.pdf
    312 kB
  12. Race_Results_All_Days_2013.pdf
    416 kB
  13. Sprint Nats Results 2014.pdf
    491 kB
  14. Sprint Nats Results All Days 2015.PDF
    359 kB
  15. 2016 Nats - Results All Days.PDF
    483 kB
  16. Results All Days 2017.PDF
    288 kB
  17. Nats 2018 - Results All Days.PDF
    519 kB
  18. 2002 Finals Results.rtf
    57 kB
  19. 2002 Nationals Results.rtf
    192 kB
  20. 2019 Results All Days.PDF
    509 kB
  21. 2020 Sprint Nats_Results All Days.PDF
    425 kB
  22. 2021 Results-All-Days.pdf
    587 kB

Reader Comments

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  1. Thats Awesome to see. Thanks for the research
    paul - 12-Dec-2013
  2. Thank you so much for this : ) Puts things much into perspective.
    Kahukura - 12-Dec-2013
  3. Awesome this is great thank you.
    Bob - 13-Dec-2013
  4. Hi is there any under 23 women and men?
    Teimana Heiti - 13-Dec-2013
  5. This is absoloutly amazing . The time differences ! Vaka Manu all ta taays!! Hehe
    Josh Leilua - 13-Dec-2013
  6. Thanks you guys for all your hard work. It is good to look back and see all the times and acknowledge all the winners
    Helen Te Puni - 16-Dec-2013
  7. Wholey Tyrin 5 years in a row. Can anyone beat that.
    tpoti - 17-Dec-2013
  8. Really awesome to be able to look back and reminisce about the good times in waka and to see how far this sport has developed.
    Gerri MacDonald - 19-Dec-2013
  9. Gee Tyrin's Fastest time in the W1 open men 2.11 thats smokin.!!
    TUOTR - 20-Dec-2013
  10. Maui won 7-8yrs. Nick titov did a 2.07mins, andrew penny did a 2.09.
    chur - 06-Feb-2014
  11. Maui won 7-8yrs. Nick titov did a 2.07mins, andrew penny did a 2.09.
    chur - 06-Feb-2014
  12. No results for Maui coming in 7 - 8yrs? and no time of 2.07 for nikolai titov so according to these results Tyrins still the fastest open men out of NZ.
    chur - 06-Feb-2014
  13. Is it possible to try and get these same kind of records but for the world sprints over the times. or who are the current record holders time wise?

    ocpaddler - 06-Feb-2014
  14. Yep Tyrin's the champ alright! I think most open mens paddlers would agree he could have won more if he didn't have a break. Perfect technique
    TPOTI - 06-Feb-2014
  15. It's great to have it. But I can't see the Golden Master results.
    Katja - 07-Feb-2014
  16. also there are no under 23 results can we please have these?
    J23 Women and Men - 07-Feb-2014
  17. those old days races werent at Karapiro and course prob way different.
    chur - 10-Feb-2014
  18. Awesome to see those results lots of hard work done by some great paddlers..

    Richard - 10-Feb-2014
  19. Yeah Tarawera Raiders course record u19 1995. unbeatable
    red dog - 14-Feb-2014
  20. This is cool. Some of the times are wrong though. U19s times were much closer to open times. Manawaru win in the opens was a 2:02 in 500m. I remember cause we were racing for a box of beers trying to crack 2 mins. Otherwise this is handy to have, thank you. Results from the world champs would be great cheers.
    Cc - 25-Feb-2014
  21. Awesome to see the results. Times would be so up in the air with all the different winds and length of courses. So I wouldn't be comparing times.
    Fozzy bear. Waka waka - 05-May-2014
  22. Was disappointed to only find results went up to SM races. What happened to the Goldies?
    Gaylene Sciascia - 23-Jan-2015
  23. Old thighs for arms Tyrin
    Big Daddy - 22-Apr-2015
  24. SIEG AURAAAH! Outstanding results
    Isaac - 17-Nov-2016
  25. Are there no results for the 23's division?
    Anon - 19-Jun-2017
  26. Are there no results for the 23's division?
    Anon - 19-Jun-2017
  27. Where are the U23 results for W1? Can they be added please.
    Tee - 10-Jan-2019
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