Hauraki Summer Series 2017 - Race 4 (Sanctioned)

Venue: Whangamata
Date: Sat 22nd Apr 2017
Distance: 10km-15km

Te Whanau Waka Ama o Whangamata would like to thank those that came to support us in our event. It was a beautiful day for travellers to Whangamata with Tangaroa coughing up just enough wind and swell to keep paddlers’ adrenalin up. They were able to enjoy a bit of the scenery around the back of Hauturu then getting barrelled coming out the top of 3rd island. Little bit of cross wind off the ama coming back in set everyone up for a nice ride in on some waves. 


The trek out to the pinnacles served a good race for the more adventurous. Some great times set by all. We look forward to a change of course next year sharing the coastline we take for granted sometimes. A bonus early finish saw teams relaxing and taking in the sun before hitting the road. Thanks everyone that took part. Photos on our facebook page. Te Whanau Waka Ama o Whangamata. 



Simone Hughes


Race 1 Results:


W6 8km –

Tumeke 38.53secs,

Te Toki J19 Boys 42.37secs,

Whanau All the Way 43.58secs,

Te Toki J19 Girls 43.58secs,

Banana Boat 45.39secs,

Hautut Fulas 52.15secs,

Waka Whiti 53.26secs,

That’s Us 55.44secs

W1 8km –

Paul Roozendaal 40.06secs,

Wayne 48.05secs,

Nathan 55.42secs,

Aubrey 49.10secs


Race 2 Results:


8km W6 Hauraki 48.52secs

8km W2 Wahanui 57.54secs


W6 14km

Brews Brothers 1:06.39secs,

Battleship 1:17.57secs,

Tirohia 1:22.50secs,

Tamure 1:23.11secs

Online Entries:

Contact Details

Name: Simone Huges
Email: heartnoz@hotmail.com


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