James Bhutty Moore-morial Race 2018 (Sanctioned)

Venue: Pilot Bay, Mount Maunganui
Date: Sat 3rd Feb 2018
Distance: 32km


The 2018 James Moore-morial race again had some fun conditions to for everyone to play.  117 craft and 121 participants it was our biggest numbers to date for the event.


Thanks to Strongarm Power in the water we all looked sharp for the 10th anniversary with hats and race tees. Leading up to race day the weather was playing games on us with it changing each day. But with a day out, it settled in with our preferred SE wind making it a Maketu start finishing at Pilot Bay. Big swell was predicted which we all new would make it difficult getting to the startline. Thankfully we had the help from Maketu Sea Rescue and Maketu Surf Club with jetskis and Irbs. Meaning those that lost seats and hats didn’t have to complete the course without it.


With ideal conditions I think everyone had big smiles most of the way until they got tired or hit the outgoing tide. Big swell from Rabbit Island made the final 5km difficult. Congrats to Paul Chong and Penelope Strickland being first back on their canoes, Garth Spencer and Rachel Clarke on ski, Brent Bourgeois and Michelle Head for the Sup.


Thanks again for making the effort to come and race. James's family and friends really enjoy being able to share this special day with more people just like James who love being out on the water.


Thanks for all the great feedback about the event. Stoked we can make so many people happy by honoring James. Its the least we can do for him.


And thanks to our amazing sponsors who keep support us each year.


Keep being safe on the water!!!!

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Name: Paul Roozendaal
Email: moore-entries@hotmail.com


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