2018 Te Wānanga o Aotearoa Waka Ama Long Distance Nationals

Venue: Kakara Point (Perfume Point), Ahuriri (Napier)
Date: Fri 5th Oct - Sun 7th Oct 2018
Distance: IRON

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  • Panui 1
  • Panui 2
  • Adaptive panui
  • Panui 3

Not long to go now - a bit of information regarding the course!!

"The preferred course (weather and sea conditions allowing) for this year’s LDNs is that shown in Panui 2. 

This is an 8km circuit.  Those racing 24km will do 3 laps of the circuit, 16km races do 2 laps and 8km races do 1 lap. 

The 10km J16 W6 race will do an extra run along Hardinge Road (in front of the race venue) before turning back and finishing the race.  The reason for this course is to improve opportunities for spectators to enjoy the action. 

In the 24k race, crews will paddle along Hardinge Road close to the shore 3 times and if conditions allow it teams will also paddle close to the shore along Westshore.  There are alternative options that can be used for different weather conditions, though these will not be as spectator friendly.”


In complying with the Hawkes Bay Regional Council by-law, all paddlers must wear a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD) at all times while on the water. There will be no exceptions to this rule. In addition, paddlers 16yrs and under, regardless of race division, will not be permitted to wear inflatable life jackets/PFDs.

 All inflatable life jackets/PFDs must be in good working order. Paddlers will be required to verify this as part of the waiver process in order to be eligible to race. We recommend servicing prior to the LDNs. 

The safety team will perform random checks of inflatable life jackets/PFDs as part of the routine safety check (following link: https://goo.gl/U5nyQL).  If paddlers do not appear to be wearing a life jacket/PFD or do not appear to be wearing it correctly during the races, safety boat crews have been ordered to stop the waka and check.  If a paddler in a waka is not wearing a life jacket/PFD – or not wearing it correctly - the paddler will be disqualified (which will result in the whole crew being disqualified).


  • Service your inflatable life jacket/PFD yourself prior to LDNs (follow link above)
  • If your gas cylinder is found to be corroded or used, your options are replace it, to manually inflate the life jacket/PFD and wear it inflated during the race (not ideal) or source another PFD (time permitting).
  • Practice prior to LDNs with the pull cord out so you do not accidentally activate it during the race.  All inflatable life jacket/PFD must have the pull cord out during races, ready to be used in case of an emergency.
  • If clubs are supplying paddlers with inflatable PFDs, be mindful of your obligations under the Health & Safety Act.  
  • The skipper/captain of crews on the water is responsible for the crew having correctly sized PFDs under Maritime law.  However, the safety team will also be check PFDs fit correctly also.

Please direct any questions to ldn@wakaama.co.nz 

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Name: TBA
Email: ldn@wakaama.co.nz


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