Waka Ama New Zealand newly elected Board Member

Waka Ama New Zealand is pleased to announce Mr Laurie Durand as its newly elected Board member. Laurie brings with him a wealth of experience in the not for profit sector, as well as a working knowledge of good governance and decades of involvement within the Waka Ama community at a club, regional and national level. Laurie has had a positive impact on the success of the National Secondary School Championships hosted by Te Waiariki Purea Trust. Laurie is based in Rotorua. The Board of Waka Ama New Zealand look forward to working with Laurie as we continue to grow and develop the sport of Waka Ama throughout Aotearoa.

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  1. Congratulations Laurie...no doubt you will add value to the Board. You have been and still are a great stalwart for the community and waka ama!
    Zalene Douglas - 15-May-2017
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