Bhutty, Aito & Bo's Race Series

As announced earlier this year the organisers of the Bhutty James Moore-morial race, the Air Tahiti Nui Aito Race and the Bo Herbert Memorial Race are running a series across their three events to celebrate 10 years.

The Bo Herbert memorial race is the last race in the series and paddlers last chance to compete in all 3 events in 2018. 

Attached are the series points so far.

The winning man and women of the series will win free entry into all 3 events next year and the right to call themselves Series Champion for 2018. 

If you haven't entered Bo's race yet...there is still time to...entries close on Thursday and the Series Champions will be named on Saturday. 

Enter online here:

Thanks to all the paddlers who have taken part in the events this year, its been a great summer! 


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