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1.    Getting organised, be prepared!

  • Nominate someone on the executive committee to be in charge of funding with the support of the committee
  • The best funding advice is to keep a FUNDING FOLDER with all the information you need:
    • Minutes of previous meetings
    • news clippings, letters of support, flyers of previous events or projects
    • copies of previous applications - successful and unsuccessful
  • REMEMBER you may not always be the person applying for your clubs funding - the more organised are your records, the easier it will be for the next person to take up the task!

2.    Establish Your Funding Requirements

  • Identify suitable funders
  • List the items/projects you need funding for. 
  • Make a calendar of all closing dates
  • Contact your Regional Sports Trust (RST) for advice on the local funding agencies in your region. 
  • Have a specific project that you require funding for
  • List your resources available
  • Fundraise
    • Many funding agencies expect you to contribute a portion of the cost towards your project.  This means raising money in others ways within your group to meet this criteria, not just seeking funder contributions.

 3.    What information is needed to complete an application?

  • Affiliated to the National Sports Organisation - Waka Ama NZ can provide you with a letter of affiliation on request
  • Evidence of non-profit status i.e. Deed of Trust, Charities Commission or Incorporated Society Certificate
  • A bank account/printed bank deposit slip in the name of your club/organisation
  • A resolution/copy of the minutes stating your committee’s agreement to apply for funding, signed and certified by your executive committee
  • Profile or summary of your organisation:  your purpose/activity/services, your history and how long you have been established, your membership numbers, your trustees names, your future plans or goals.
  • Financial documents such as:
    • Bank statement
    • Income and expenditure statement for the last 12 months
    • and ‘reviewed’ or audited Annual Accounts
  • What the grant is specifically required for and the amount requested including:
    • Cost breakdown (proposed budget) of your project/expenses
    • Two or three competitive quotes, or written explanation if several are not available.
    • Sources of other funding for this project, and what funding is already raised.
    • Where do you intend to get further funding for the project (if required).
  • Other supporting material such as news clippings of your intent to raise funds, letters of support from recognised groups/people, can be useful.
  • Certificate of Incorporation if applicable

4.    Completing your application

Each funding agency will have its own criteria and eligibility requirements so it pays to look closely at the Application Form before going ahead to make sure you comply. 
Check the closing dates for funding applications, some are monthly some are twice a year.  You need to allow yourself enough time for it to be processed before your intended event/programme.  Most funding is not granted for retrospective costs.

See attached document for more detailed information

Resources and useful links

The link below will provide you with a Sport NZ funding database to find funding

Funding and Sponsorship -

Community Matters website to aid you in funding and grants -

Head to your Regional Sports Trust for local funding support -

Sport Wellington Funding -

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