Waka Ama NZ ID cards are required for National Sprint Champs. Paddlers are eligible for an ID card once they have been verified. The verification process will issue them with an ID number and this will appear on the ID card.

ID cards cost $5 each, except during peak National Sprint Champs period where the cost is $15 per card.

For paddlers, to apply for an ID card please contact your club admin.

For club admins, to order ID cards please follow the process below:
  1. Go to the wakaama.co.nz website home page and click on Members Area in the top right corner
  2. Ensure the paddler is Affiliated to your club, Verified, and has a current Profile Photo
  3. In the Members tab, search for the paddler in the search bar or find the paddler on your members list
  4. Click the three dots next to their name and click Order ID Card. An ID card order has now been placed for this paddler.
  5. Repeat this process for all paddlers that require an ID card
To check your ID card orders for the month, click the ID Cards/Affiliation tab and it will show a list

Note: ID card orders are invoiced and ordered automatically at the end of each month. (except during peak National Sprint Champs period)

More information on Adding, Affiliating, Verifying

Adding, Affiliating, Verifying

More information on Profile Photo

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