The following information is for travel insurance for the 2024 World Sprint Championships in Hilo, Hawai'i.

Waka Ama NZ has managed to secure comprehensive Travel Insurance for our New Zealand Teams and Management which is available to anyone travelling to Hawai'i as part of the IVF World Sprint Championship Aotearoa New Zealand contingent. The insurance is underwritten by TAI.

The policy includes cover for racing at the World Sprint Championships. It will cover all paddlers up to the age of 80.

The Travel Insurance policy wording is attached below for you to review. Please note: you should read the Policy before purchasing the insurance.

The cost of the cover options are as follows:

  • $18 per day for those racing
  • $8 for anyone who is not racing

If you are racing at all then the whole journey is calculated at the racing amount $18 per day - you cannot mix and match the different rates

There is a $25 service fee added to the total number of insurance days booked, plus a credit card processing fee.

When purchasing the insurance please ensure you calculate how many days are required you need to include the day you leave NZ and the day you arrive back in NZ.

i.e., If you are leaving NZ 1st of August, returning (landing in NZ) 20th of August = 20 days (note: You will land at least one day after leaving Hawai'i due to crossing the international date line).

This will ensure that you are covered for the duration of all travel.

Each traveler will need to purchase their insurance separately (per person).

The insurance will be available for anyone travelling to Hawai'i to purchase until the 10th July 2024.

It is not a requirement from Waka Ama NZ that you purchase this insurance. However, the Event Organisers have stipulated that all competitors must be covered by insurance for racing. We recommend anyone travelling and not racing has travel insurance.

Please note this insurance will cover you for the dates you provide as your departing Aotearoa New Zealand till the date you arrive back in Aotearoa NZ. 


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