National Secondary School Waka Ama Championships 2019

Venue: Tikitapu (Blue Lake)
Date: Tue 26th Mar - Fri 29th Mar 2019
Distance: Sprints
Host: Waka Ama NZ (Nga Kaihoe o Aotearoa Inc)

Winners of Front of Village Tent Site Allocations 

 Congratulations to the following schools who have been randomly drawn and allocated a tent site at the front of the Village area. The site is 15m  x 6m. You will need to bring your own tent or Marque. Please see the Village Co-ordinator upon your arrival

          1. Culinane College
          2. Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Kaikohe
          3. Papatoetoe High School
          4. Wellington High School
          5. New Plymouth Girls

If you have any questions or trouble adding your entries please contact

A reminder that panui 2 is online and you can find it attached below

Lane draw and schedule is online

See attached below
  • Panui 1
  • RAMS plan
  • Hoea ki Mokoia Schools Race Panui
  • Kapa Haka Super 6 Info
  • Progressions 
  • Site plan
  • Full lanes (W6 turns course - 8 lanes)
  • Half lanes (W6/W12/W1 straight - 12 lanes)
  • Panui 2
  • Lane draw (as at 20 March)
  • Race schedule (as at 20 March)
  • FAQ's

Online Entries:

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  1. NZSS Waka Ama Sprint Champs 2019 _Panui 1_Updated.pdf
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  2. RAMS PLAN _Waka Ama Secondary Schools 2019.pdf
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  3. Hoea ki Mokoia 2019_Secondary School Panui and Entry Form.pdf
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  4. kapa haka super 6_panui FINAL.pdf
    1.69 MB
  5. Waka-Ama-2019-School-Sprints-12-Lanes-9-Heats-Bowl-Plate-Champ.xlsx
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  6. NSSWAR19_SitePlan.pptx.pdf
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  7. Full Lane W6 Turns Course Map Secondarys 2019.pdf
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  8. Half lanes for straight 250m Racing.pdf
    0.18 MB
  9. NZSS Waka Ama Sprint Champs 2019 _Panui 2_FINAL.pdf
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  10. Secondary Schools 2019_Schedule All Days_Updated 20 March.PDF
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  11. Schools FAQs_2019_FINAL.pdf
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  12. UPDATED_Secondary Schools _Lane Draw 24 March.PDF
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