Secondary School Waka Ama Nationals

Venue: Tikitapu
Date: Tue 23rd Mar - Fri 26th Mar 2021
Distance: Sprints
Host: Waka Ama NZ

Winners of Front of Village Tent Site Allocations 

Congratulations! to the following schools who have been drawn and allocated a tent site at the front of the Village area. The site is 10m  x 6m. You will need to bring your own tent or Marque. Please see the Village Co-ordinator upon your arrival

  •             Fraser High School
  •            Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Rito
  •             Te Kura Taumata o Panguru
  •             Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Tupoho
  •             Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Nga Uri a Maui 

Please remember to adhere to COVID Level 1 kaupapa

⚠️Wash your hands
⚠️Scan QR codes which will be all around the venue
⚠️Turn on Bluetooth tracing on the NZ COVID Tracer app
⚠️Stay home if you’re feeling unwell and get advice about a COVID-19 test
❤️ Be Kind

Helpful info for uploading paddler ID photos:

Here is the link to enter your login and password

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  1. NZSS Waka Ama Sprint Champs 2021 _Panui 1_UPDATED.pdf
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  6. VENUE MAP 2021.pdf
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  7. Full Lane W6 Turns Course Map Secondarys 2021.pdf
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  8. Half lanes for straight 250m Racing.pdf
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  9. Schools Progressions_W6 and W12_8 Lanes.pdf
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  10. School Progressions-W6 and W1 12-Lanes-9-Heats-Bowl-Plate-Champ .xlsx
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  11. FINAL Schedule - SS Nats 2021_19 March.pdf
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  12. Schools Waka Ama Village INFO.pdf
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  13. Schools FAQs_2021 .pdf
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  14. Updated 22032021 FINAL DAY 1 Lane Draw - SS Nats 2021.PDF
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  15. Updated 23032021 FINAL Lane Draw - Day 2.PDF
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  16. Final Results - Day 1.PDF
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  17. Final Results - Day 2.PDF
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  18. FINAL Lane Draw - Day 3.PDF
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  19. Final Results - Day 3.PDF
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  20. Final Lane Draw - Day 4.PDF
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  21. FINAL - Results Day 4.PDF
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