James Bhutty Moore-morial Race 2021 (Sanctioned)

Venue: Pilot Bay, Mount Maunganui
Date: Sat 6th Feb 2021
Distance: 32km
Host: Hei Matau Paddlers

James Lance Kiri Moore (aka Bhutty) was a core member of the Goodyear Outrigger Canoe Crew and New Zealand’s White Water Rafting Team. He loved the water and there weren’t too many days when he wasn’t amongst it in one way or another. In July 2008 we had to bid our brother farewell, as while we were doing a down-winder Bhutty got the call up into Tangaroa’s team. We host this event to honour our friend, to celebrate his life & what he achieved. The race is designed to raise the bar, to keep us all in top form and at the top of our game. To be able to compete, or complete, means that you will have had to have done the hard yards and every time you are out training you can thank Bhutty for the legacy that he left.

This is the event for the countries best Outrigger Canoe, Ocean Ski and SUP Paddlers. But it is for anyone who loves paddling and wants to challenge themselves with a 30+km ocean run on the Bay of Plenty’s beautiful coastover 100 paddlers can’t be wrong. No doubt there are some unsettled scores and we hope to see the best of the bunch return to either retain their title or to claim it for themselves. Sorry, but Bhutty’s ‘Champions Cup’ race is NOT an event for novice paddlers.


Race divisions are: Open Men & Women - Single Outrigger Canoe, Ocean Ski and Stand Up Paddle Board, + Open Double Outrigger Canoe & Double Surf Ski + Relay. 

Pick your canoe of choice and show us what you’re made of.

Everyone is welcome to be a part of the event. If you can’t paddle you can help run shuttles, be on a support boat, or just mingle with good people and come for the feed (James would). Contact us if you are keen to help out in any way or just show up on the day. Help is always needed and appreciated. 

Prior Champions Include:

OC -  Kingi Gilbert, Bryce Irving, Tonga White, Stephen Roulston, Tupu King, Paul Chong, Bernie Murch, Sarah Url, Mereana Hodges, Mariana Hodges, Coral Darbishire, Lynora Hati, Penelope Strickland, Nicky Kingi

SKI -  Paul Wilford, Tim Grammer, Simon Mclarin, Mike Walker, Oskar Steilau, Simon Longdill, Andrew Mowlem, Garth Spencer, Tom Ashley, Ben Keys, Katie Pocock, Dene Simpson, Rachel Clarke

SUP -  Mike Nuku, Armie Armstrong, Brent Bourgeois, Nick Chater, Annabel Anderson, Penelope Strickland, Michelle Head 

# Bold holds the course record

HOW MUCH? $100

For $100 you get a supported Ocean Race, a Limited Edition Event Cap, a good feed of Turkish, a chance at the cash, and a chance of a great spot prize, plus a cool day hanging with friends. Perfect! You can pay by cheque, cash or direct credit our bank account which is preferred. Ensure you have given clear reference details to who you are as you don’t want to have to pay twice. Please note that we must see your payment in our account prior to the event for THE $10 LATE PAYMENT not to apply.


ENTRIES TO: https://enternowonline.com/4435


Or 84 Te Ranga Memorial Drive, Tauranga


ANZ, Bhutty Moore-Morial Race: 06-0266-0143738-00.

Online Entries:

Contact Details

Name: Paul Roozendaal
Email: moore-entries@hotmail.com


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