Waka Ama Nationals Draft Lane draw now available

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The draft lane draw is now available please read the following and check the lane draw carefully

Please review the lane draw to check 

  • Your teams are entered and showing in the draw
  • Check for any clashes or close turn around in events.
  • Check for any clashes with Taitama and Taitamāhine teams especially if you have Taitamāhine and Taitama paddling together. Let us know so we can space your teams races out if possible to avoid clashes

Please note: if you have emailed changes/deletions or team additions through after 6pm on 10 January, they will not appear in this draft draw. 

The Lane draw will change over the next few days as the entry changes settle down. We will publish an updated Lane draw later in the week. 

Please also note that our race manager system currently cannot use macrons so if your team name has a macron we have replaced that with a double vowel.

The lane draw can be found on the Event page: CLICK HERE  

if you have any queries please email your club rep or admin@wakaama.co.nz.

Ngā mihi 
Waka Ama NZ admin team


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