Event Report: M2M 2021

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Teams were treated to perfect conditions for the Maketu 2 Mount course. When the startline is sheltered by the headland and you are still getting blown over the startline. You know it's going to be a good one. 10 mens and 3 women's teams took on the 32km coastal challenge and they were not disappointed. This event was created to help teams prepare for international events, being longer distance and ocean conditions. Teams got into the surf pretty quick off the start as teams muscled into positions.  Hot from Nga Hoe Horo set a record that I'm sure will be hard to beat for years to come, finishing 32km in 2 hours 1min. Nekeneke and Bhutty Battled the last 5km to take 2nd and 3rd. Haeata took first in the womens followed closely by Wahine Express. Waipahirere from Hei Matau finished off the podium. Thanks to Lolo for supplying the meals for all the paddlers after the race and also High Tide for the prizegiving venue. Heads & Tails was to decide who won the team set of Tuakana Custom paddles.  Only one round was played as Nekeneke won with guessing 2 heads. I hope you enjoy your paddles. Huge thanks to our safety boat team and media crew. Was a hard day on the water for them.

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Updated: Mar 29, 2021