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Where does my Affiliation fee go? – Your affiliation fee ($15 for an adult, $12 for a Junior and $5 for an intermediate and taitamariki) goes to Waka Ama New Zealand.

What is it used for? - Your affiliation fee helps us to administer the sport and provide you, your club and your region with all of the services, administration and operations below and more! 

1 Being part of  sport for the whole whanāu
2 Being part of the fastest growing water sport in Aotearoa
3 Ability to be a club affiliated to a National Sporting Organisation recognised by Sport NZ
4 Ability to be a paddler affiliated to a club
5 Waka Ama NZ Website  - One of the most up to date sports websites in New Zealand
6 Club listing on the website
7 Club Access to the website Members Area to monitor and administer affiliations and id cards
8 Club Access to online entries for Sanctioned Events listed on the calendar
9 Club Access to online entries for National events listed on the calendar
10 Eligible to take part in IVF World Sprints (according to criteria being met)
11 Recognition by the National Sporting Body for funding purposes. Letters of support for funding available to all affiliated clubs
12 Continual improvement and development of website and technical services 
13 Use of the Club Tool Kit
14 Safety Rules developed in conjunction with Maritime NZ
15 Sanctioning process for all events – provides guidelines and criteria for hosting events
16 Safety Guidelines and Rules for events
17 Access to heavily reduced Public liability insurance through sanctioning
18 Legally reviewed Safety Waivers and Safety Documents
19 Free online entries set up and admin support for sanctioned events hosted by clubs and regions
20 Monthly members prize draw (sees affiliated paddlers every month win prizes)
21 Exclusive deals offered by our Suppliers and/or Sponsors
22 Sprint National races screened on Maori TV
23 Easy to understand Safety Videos – Specific for Waka Ama (Tips and Tricks) 
24 Paddling Video and Booklet resource on Website
25 Access to Steering Clinics for affiliated members
26 Access to Rigging Clinics for affiliated members
27 Access to Coaching Clinics – as per the NZ Coaching Development Pathway
28 Access to waka Ama Flip and Float sessions
29 Flip and Float instructional poster - in Māori and English
30 Para Waka Ama pathway
31 Club Safety Officer pack for sent to clubs
32 ‘How to’ Guide for Pocket Timer Pro developed and available on website
33 Waka Ama NZ Facebook page managed and updated regularly
34 Free advertising for affiliated members to sell their canoes on the Waka Ama New Zealand website/facebook
35 Waka Ama New Zealand Board – Providing sound and professional governance
36 Access to the Strategic Plan – published in Māori and English
37 Help with strategic plan development
38 Access to advice on financial accountability and sound financial management 
39 Affiliated Club voting process for Board elections
40 Affiliated paddlers can take part in National Sprint Championship Events at Karapiro
41 Access to a world class race course owned and provided by Waka Ama NZ
42 Affiliated paddlers can take part in  National Long Distance Championships (Organised in conjunction with host Regions)
43 Affiliated paddlers can take part in all sanctioned events 
44 All sanctioned events meet a safety standard
45 Access to Te Wananga o Aotearoa sponsorship product – Providing branded product for all paddlers at National Sprint Championship and National Secondary School Championship - waterproof pouch, bags, hats, kete, drinks bottles, bailers etc… 
46 Medals awarded at National events
47 Involvement in a national selection process for World Sprints events
48 Co-ordination of World Sprints Teams
49 The uniform provided to World Sprints paddlers
50 Advocacy and leadership for the sport  at an International level
51 Marketing and promotion of Waka Ama through Waka Ama NZ social media channels
52 A strong relationship with Water Safety New Zealand
53 Maritime NZ information available online
54 Increasing awareness of Water Safety & PFD’s – information available online
55 Professional administration of the organisation/sport
56 Access to the Waka Ama New Zealand office to assist and answer any questions you have
57 Club membership database management system for clubs
58 Paperless invoicing for clubs
59 Xero Accounting package software available to regions
60 Free professional photos from all major events (Taken by Garrick Cameron – All available to download free from our website – if you wish for higher res versions simply contact us we will send to you.
61 Waka TV – A collection of YOU TUBE videos all featuring waka ama
62 Waka Ama social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) Managed access
63 Waka Ama History – The history of our sport documented for all to enjoy
64 Historical results of events
65 Strategic planning assistance for regions & clubs
66 Access to a constitution template for new clubs 
67 Comprehensive Race Rules and Review process
68 Event templates
69 Culture of Waka Ama Booklet and online quiz 
70 Outward Bound Scholarships available for all affiliated members to apply for annually
71 Collaboration with International Federations to provide access to events like Gubbi Gubbi in Australia
72 Organisation of the National Secondary School Championships (In conjunction with Te Waiariki Purea Trust)
73 Access to international event information via the waka ama website
74 Discounted Life Jackets through Vaikobi for Affiliated clubs and members
75 A point of access to other clubs in other regions when you are travelling to different regions and want to go for a paddle but don’t know where to go or who to go to
76 Legal advice related to waka ama business
77 Access to Sport NZ and its resources
78 Access to regional sports bodies
79 Access to become a Waka Ama volunteer and upskill in various roles at a club, regional or national level
80 Volunteers acknowledged at National events 
81 Have input on events by completing the online surveys
82 Access for clubs to Waka Ama NZ staff presentations at Regional Meetings twice yearly
83 Easy online access for a paddler to check their affiliation status
84 Comprehensive Race Calendar for paddlers
85 Flexible affiliation across 1 or more clubs to maximise regatta opportunities
86 Governance development for regions and clubs
87 Steering information for beginners on website
88 Officiating and admin up skilling 
89 Assistance with race management (advice in lead up to events) 
90 Para Waka Ama Equipment development and resources for clubs
91 Waka Ama Flip & Float Certificates 
92 Foundation Coaches Certification for completion of all modules
93 Management of race calendar on behalf of regions, clubs and paddlers
94 Unique ID Card designs
95 Opportunity to share your paddling stories via the website
96 Certification of Waka Ama Safety Basics through Coast Guard Boating Education
97 Waka Ama NZ support for nominations to various sports awards, nationally and regionally 
98 Advocacy for the sport at a National level 
99 Advocacy of the sport Internationally
100 Online database of membership statistics including ethnicity data – Used by clubs for funding applications, students for assignments etc.
101 Being officially part of the best sport in New Zealand! 

Is there Value for Money?

Value for money is often relative to what else you can get for the same amount of money (Opportunity Cost). If you chose not to be a member of a waka ama club then you could spend that $15, $12 or $5 affiliation fee on other items or services. For example $15 could buy you 3 coffees in Auckland, or 1 Hoyts movie ticket.

We are always looking for ways to increase the value you get, and the things we can offer our members as well as ways to make club administrators jobs easier.

For the full list and more information please see attached document

Updated: Feb 26, 2015

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