1. Waka Ama NZ Haka_Matahi te Hoe..pdf
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  2. NZ World Sprint Pānui 1 - March 2022_UPATED.docx.pdf
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  3. NZ World Sprints Pānui 2_May 2022.pdf
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  4. CODE OF CONDUCT_CLUB London 2022.docx.pdf
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  5. WANZ Waiata_Worlds 2022.pdf
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  6. 2022 Aotearoa NZ World Sprints - Uniform Merch Prices.pdf
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  7. 2022 Aotearoa NZ World Sprints - Supporter Merch Prices.pdf
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  8. 2022 Aotearoa NZ World Sprints - Merch Pānui.pdf
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  9. NZ World Sprint Pānui 3 - July 2022.docx.pdf
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  10. FINAL Contingent Handbook _World Sprints 2022.pdf
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  11. 2022 Course Famil_NZ Time Slots.pdf
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  12. Course Familiarisation_ NZ Pānui.pdf
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  13. 2022 Course Famil_NZ - V1 Groups.pdf
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Elite Information

Club Information

V1 Information


Aotearoa World Sprints 2022 Merch

Aotearoa World Sprints 2022 Merch is now available online via our Waka Ama NZ Shop. Check out the attachments above for full info in the pānui and the two look books of the merch.
Make sure to read the pānui as this has important info on sale period times, shipping information, and prices. There will be no refunds or exchanges on any of the merchandise.


World Sprints Travel Insurance

Waka Ama NZ has managed to secure comprehensive Travel Insurance for our Elite Teams and Management which is now also available to those traveling as part of the IVF World Club Championship New Zealand contingent. The insurance is underwritten by Chubb

Click here for all information

Key Date Reminders

6 May - NZ Set Deadline for the following:

Club paddler roster confirmed online
Passports - Please send through passports for verification for those paddlers who have not been to a World Sprint Event before to

29 May - TUE Applications Close - Elite and V1 Paddlers only

World Sprints Accommodation Information 2022

Click the link to find the latest Visit Windsor accommodation details. There are still some further booking links and codes from the hotels to come and a further update will be provided from our hosts as they are available.
If you have any queries please email

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

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