IVF Va'a World Sprint Club Championships 2022, LONDON - INTENTS

Venue: Lake Dorney, Buckinghamshire, England
Date: Sun 7th Aug - Tue 16th Aug 2022
Distance: Sprints
Host: Waka Ama NZ

Waka Ama New Zealand will be facilitating a very similar process to what has happened for the last 2 World Club Championships; 

Information Session 
Waka Ama NZ hosted an information session for anyone who wished to attend on Wednesday 17th November via Zoom. This was an opportunity for us to share all the information we have as well as answer questions.
We know there are many questions regarding the World Sprints, especially related to the COVID environment that we are living in. We want to ensure that clubs enter intents will a full understanding of all the information. 

Here is the link to the information session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usA5aDYTlYo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
We have started an FAQ document that is attached and will be updated as we receive more questions 

We have been advised by the International Va'a Federation that under the current COVID environment, attendees of the 2022 IVF World Sprint Championship that full vaccination is required. This is to protect everyone at the event. 
Should anyone be wanting to qualify to attend the World Sprints we would recommend getting vaccinated if not already. 

Please find below links to COVID health and vaccine information. 

Ministry of Health COVID Website - health.govt.nz 
Immunisation Advisory Centre - immune.org.nz 
COVID-19 Website (Vaccines) - covid19.govt.nz 
Te Rōpu Whakakaupapa Urutā - uruta.maori.nz 
Vaccination Information Webinar with Dr Matire Harwood, Dr Anthony Jordan and Dr Jamie-Lee Rahiri - https://www.wakaama.co.nz/stories/read/1005780 

Please read all the information (attached and below) and let us know if you have any questions -  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at worlds@wakaama.co.nz We will prepare an FAQ document and share answers to the questions that we receive so that everyone can be kept informed. 

Information about the New Zealand Elite Selection Process will follow in a few days. 

  • The Intent process will be done online this time via the Club Online entry system (as per Sprint Nationals, LDNS etc). Club reps will need to log into the WANZ member system and complete the intents on behalf of the club
  • Clubs will submit intents for those teams that wish to be considered for qualification.
  • An intent fee is due along with the intent. - clubs will be invoiced for all team intents.
  • Once the intent deadline is closed if there are more than 6 teams (V6) and 3 (V12) teams in a division then a qualifying event will take place
  • Once the intents close - clubs will be invoiced for all team intents.
Teams must be added to all events they wish to qualify in i.e:
  • W6 500
  • W6 1000/1500
  • W12 500

We do not need paddlers names for the intent process - please do not add paddlers names into the teams at this stage

Intents are due by 13th December 2021 - Teams cannot qualify without completing the intent process


W1 qualification will take place as per previous years from results from Nationals to fill the Quota that NZ has been allocated http://www.ivfiv.org/event-quota.html

  • J16
  • J19
  • Open
  • Master 40
  • Master 50
  • Master 60
  • Master 70
  • Master 75
  • Master 80
  • One intent and payment per team - $1080 per team intent ($180 x 6 - if the selection is confirmed then reserve/extra paddler fees will be invoiced to the club at that time)
  • Your Intent fee becomes your entry fee if your team qualifies.
  • Total payment: $1080
  • Clubs will be invoiced for all intents - Intent Fee due by 15th December 2021
Please remember that team names used in this intent event must be the same used when entering teams for the 2022 nationals.


Can be found in the attached World Club Championship Qualification Process Document


Should for any reason the 2022 Waka Ama Sprint Nationals not go ahead Waka Ama NZ will arrange another opportunity for teams with an intent to qualify. This opportunity will include a V1 qualification process if the Sprint Nationals does not go ahead.

Current advice from the International Va’a Federation is that all attendees to the 2022 World Sprints should expect to be required to be Vaccinated to attend the event. 


Online Entries:

Contact Details

Name: Waka Ama NZ
Email: worlds@wakaama.co.nz


  1. World Club Championship Qualification Process Timeline (1).pdf
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  2. Frequently Asked Questions_World Club Intents 2022.pdf
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